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Patterns, structures, colours and lines. This section depicts the graphical aspects that can be found within nature, be it plants, aerial shots of landscapes or stages of water.

Plants, insects and other animals - when small things become big. The world looks so very different through a macro lens. In this section you can discover the miniature world.

A collection of my favorite bird pictures I shot while traveling to different countries or hiking in Switzerland

Rainforests are extremely species rich in terms of animals and plants and the beauty of dense and lush green ferns and trees is unique in this world. This section holds pictures of tropical and subtropical rainforests.

Sometimes, one picture alone doesn`t do the subject justice. For this purpose, there is the section ,,PHOTO - STORIES" that shows the story evolving around a subject. 

Be it shore birds, seals, clams, crustaceans or seaweed. Pictures of this section are dedicated to the ecosystem beach. 

Beaches, lakeshores, coasts and rivers..


A collection of a few select black and white pictures.

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