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Featured on WIX Blog

April 6th, 2022

My website has been featured as one of 15 examples for design inspiration. Since photography is generally a very aesthetic discipline, I am pleased and honoured to have been featured. 

You'll find me as No. 5 by clicking on the link below:

15 Outstanding Website Examples To Inspire You 


Kea Picture in BBC Wildlife Magazine

June  5th, 2018

The Kea picture has been printed in the June issue of the BBC Wildlife Magazine

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Featured on WIX Blog

March 7th, 2018

My photography has been featured under "10 Outstanding Women Photographers To Inspire You" on the Wix Blog. Many thanks to the Wix team for choosing my photography and ideology to be featured on your blog.See for yourself: 10 Outstanding Women Photographers To Inspire You

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