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                     Plant Patterns

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KEA (Nestor notabilis)

These rare parrots are the clowns of New Zealand. They are incredibly smart and very curious with a tendency to pick at and tear apart anything within their reach that isn't bolted to the floor. They are loud and interactive, keenly aware of what happens around them. With their constant need for stimulation, they seem to prefer the company of their kin, sometimes playing tug-o-war with a stick and complaining when the opponent wins. While they may not be as colourful as other parrots, their rather dull plumage is misleading, because hidden underneath their brownish wings are bright red feathers that only show when they're spreading their wings to fly.

Even though they inhabit the rather remote locations of New Zealand, they are not afraid of humans, and if one travels to the more mountainous parts of New Zealand, such as Arthur's Pass or Milford Sound,  one is likely to encounter at least some of them. Especially at the break of dawn or in the early evening, they gather at look-out places. With their inquisitive nature and interesting behaviour, they more than deserve the title of Bird of the Year 2017! However, they are still decreasing in numbers and nationally endangered, due to human activities and the feeding of improper food. It is sad proof that humanity does have an impact on nature and wildlife, and a reminder, that if we value these interesting creatures, we need to protect them and their environment. 

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