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I have always been interested in nature. Even as a child I was a keen observer of my surroundings, and I learned that in order to watch something closely you had to be careful not to intrude. It taught me patience and to respect wildlife from an early age. My interest in biodiversity was followed by the desire to investigate and understand it. I started documenting what I observed, read about it and learned what it meant. 


Photography started out as a mere hobby in 2013, which immediately grew into one of my greatest passions, as it enables me to capture these memorable encounters and precious moments of my travels. A picture holds the potential to show others what you have seen and bring them closer to nature. Nowadays, many people are estranged from nature and wildlife - and, sadly, no one cares enough to protect and preserve what they do not know or do not understand.

Nature and wildlife photography is a tool that may help bridge this gap and, hopefully, create awareness and foster interest in our fauna and flora. Especially in our current age where large parts of our wildlife and natural environment are threatened and diversity is decreasing, education of the public is a very important part of conservation, to protect and preserve what is left. 



Sarya Nadina Fark

i n f o @ s a r y a f a r k . c o m 

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